The development of autonomous driving systems is presently a concentration of analysis for the automotive industry. An EU-funded job has moved do the job forward in this area by producing an sophisticated driver-help procedure that can do the job properly and reliably in all weathers.


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Present driver-help systems do the job nicely in good situations. Even so, in significant rain, snow or fog, the sensors in these systems do not deliver more than enough information and facts for secure driving.

As the environment moves step by step towards thoroughly autonomous driving systems – where the car or truck is in comprehensive control – it is important that the sensors and related technologies deliver reliable information and facts and conclusion-creating that can cope with distinctive situations, as nicely as the erratic behaviour of other street users.

The EU-funded ROBUSTSENSE job has correctly tackled these difficulties by producing an sophisticated driver-help system. The job group, which drew in 15 companions from five European international locations, furnished a range of knowledge in sensors and info processing.

‘Our system is equipped with specialised technologies, which include program algorithms especially executed to cope with adverse weather conditions, and a recently produced LiDAR sensor for extraordinary situations,’ points out Werner Ritter, ROBUSTSENSE job coordinator. ‘Our modular procedure is centered on levels that relate to info and information and facts move in just an clever and sturdy sensor array that reacts to serious-environment predicaments. It manages variety and complexity whilst dealing with uncertainties on the street.’

Reading the street

A sensor layer constantly scans the setting to evaluate driving situations and the condition of the street. This info aids ascertain if motor vehicle pace wants adjusting. A fusion layer then combines the collected information and facts in a way that lets the procedure to see the complete scene which include weather conditions situations, the presence of pedestrians, and the variety, size, and motion of other vehicles.

With the scene comprehensive, an understanding and organizing layer makes certain the motor vehicle would make all the ideal moves. For instance, the ROBUSTSENSE system can deal properly with other street user’s behaviour – if the procedure is uncertain, the motor vehicle will gradual down in readiness to react prior to dashing up when the circumstance has been resolved.

The system can also watch its have performance and trustworthiness by utilizing a exceptional self-evaluation procedure. If a sensor or digital camera is filthy or partly protected by snow, the procedure appreciates that this enter is less reliable and would make the vital changes.

The development of a LiDAR sensor with a bigger range was a different crucial breakthrough. LiDARs evaluate length quite correctly by utilizing lasers. ROBUSTSENSE managed to increase the LiDAR wavelength to one 550 nm (nanometres) from a conventional greatest of 905 nm, providing the new procedure more time to make conclusions – particularly in fog.

On the ideal keep track of

The ROBUSTSENSE technologies have been correctly demonstrated in a variety of distinctive commercially available autos.
‘The tests shows that our procedure has the potential to ascertain street surface situations and can cope with non-compliant behaviour by other street users,’ Ritter provides. ‘It can make autonomous driving changes and detect pedestrians in fog.’
The project’s benefits could also come across purposes past the automotive sector. For instance, the manufacture of LiDARs with an improved range could make improvements to detection and measurement in parts such as land and marine mapping.

In the meantime, the job program and networks for optical sensors could be of price in parts such as initial equipment production as nicely as the development of ICT infrastructure and robotics.

ROBUSTSENSE acquired EU funding from the Digital Elements and Methods for European Leadership Joint Enterprise (ECSEL JU) really worth three 348 357€ as nicely as three 404 968€ from countrywide funding authorities in Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain and Finland.