Probe launched over data fears

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European Commission involved takeover could “further entrench Google’s current market posture in the online marketing markets”

Google’s £ billion takeover of Fitbit is to be probed by the European Commission amid fears that the acquisition would give the blended organization an unfair advantage in the online marketing house.

The Commission has opened an in-depth investigation into the proposed offer, declared past November, under EU merger restrictions.

Google stated it was pursuing the offer for Fitbit, which makes a variety of exercise trackers, to attain a foothold in the wearables current market, somewhat than for the reason that of any details-relevant advantage it could possibly attain.

Fears have been elevated that the takeover would “further entrench Google’s current market posture in the online marketing marketplaces by increasing the previously broad amount of details that Google could use for personalisation of the ads it serves and displays,” the Commission

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Just How Insecure is Cisco’s Data Center Network Manager?

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“A profitable exploit could make it possible for the attacker to execute arbitrary actions as a result of the Relaxation API with administrative privileges”

Just six months in the past Cisco was compelled to patch a trio of significant vulnerabilities in its Data Center Network Supervisor (DCNM)  — a greatly made use of network management platform. The bugs included tricky coded qualifications (undesirable) and gave a remote attacker unauthenticated remote code execution as a root consumer (very undesirable). They have been also “trivial” to exploit.

The bugs have been amongst 120+ vulnerabilities (truly) in DCNM reported to Cisco by stability researcher Steven Seeley. 50 % a 12 months afterwards, shoppers would be forgiven for pondering how substantially of a Swiss cheese the solution is, mainly because the significant stability holes continue to keep coming — with some common flavours. (There is some very good news on the

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