December 6, 2023

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Telangana CM for revamp of farming system

As Telangana adopts a regulated cropping method from this year, Main Minister K Chandrashekar Rao has requested the officers of Agriculture Department to improve the way agriculture is practised.

“We want to provide in contemporary agriculture tactics, changing the common approaches of farming. You must analyze the farming tactics in different countries and undertake the best tactics,” he reported.

“You want to analyze the world wide markets and cultivate crops to meet up with the current market needs. The Agriculture office must produce special teams for this,” he reported.

Enumeration of crops

At a critique meeting held in this article on Wednesday, he requested the officers of the Agriculture Department to accumulate particulars on crops developed by each farmer in the Condition. He appreciated the farmers for following the regulated cropping method.

“They recognized the notion and grew crops as for every the regulated farming this kharif year. We requested them not to cultivate maize as it is not financially rewarding to improve it in the monsoon year. They adopted the recommendation,” he reported.

“You should accumulate the information on which farmer cultivated which crop and to what extent? This data is incredibly significant in arranging,” he reported.

Additional AEOs very likely

Stating that the Condition has appointed Agriculture Extension Officers (AEOs), each of whom will supply extension and support to farmers in an extent of 5,000 acres, he reported the govt will appoint extra AEOs, preserving in view the supplemental acreage that has been brought under cultivation in the very last two-3 years.

Successful undertaking

He desired the officers to make agriculture a financially rewarding undertaking as extra land is being brought under cultivation.

“We want to revamp the common farming approaches in get to get extra returns. They must be outfitted with far better farming procedures,” the Main Minister reported.

Rythu Vedikas

He reported Rythu Vedikas (a hall for farmers to go over problems pertaining to agriculture) will be completely ready in the next 3 months. “Farmers can interact between them selves and with appropriate officers and Ministers on the platform,” he reported.