February 28, 2024

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More lithium found in Cornwall

A geothermal energy company programs to extract lithium along with electricity plants in Cornwall following finding record concentrations of the metal. 

Geothermal Engineering reported tests had found concentrations of lithium higher than 250mg for each litre in waters deep underneath the county – higher than in geothermal waters any place else in the globe. 

It presently prepared to use the waters to crank out electrical power and heat local properties from 4 prepared electricity plants, and now also intends to put in lithium extraction devices at the plants. 

The business thinks it could be able to develop 4,000 tonnes of lithium a year by 2026. 

That would make a perhaps significant contribution to the UK’s potential yearly need of about 59,000 tonnes by 2035.

Demand for lithium is predicted to increase thanks to its use in electric auto batteries, significantly as product sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles will be banned in 2030, prompting a surge of curiosity in Cornwall’s lithium deposits. 

A further business, Cornish Lithium, is also planning to extract from geothermal waters.