The Indian Society for Spices (ISS) at the Indian Institute of Spices Study (IISR) will give absent Sugandha Bharathi and Sugandhasree awards during SYMSAC X 2021, an worldwide symposium on Spices and Fragrant Crops.

PN Ravindran, renowned plant breeder, writer and writer, most effective recognised for his contributions in the discipline of spices investigation, growth and documentation has been selected for the Sugandha Bharathi award.

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He is the former director and task coordinator of IISR and a distinguished scientist who has authored spices-linked publications for numerous worldwide publishers.

ISS has been honouring superb persons in the discipline of spices investigation and growth with Sugandha Bharathi award each four several years. The awardees are selected for their lifetime contribution for the growth and advancement of spices, aromatic crops and medicinal plants. The award is composed of a gold medal and a quotation.

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For Sugandhasree awards, ISS has selected T Joseph, a nutmeg farmer from Kottayam, recognising his improvements in spice crops for improved profits with sustainability. Joseph, a retired personnel of Actuality, has been engaging in intercrop cultivation whilst focussing on nutmeg. ISS provides this award in each two several years to promote farmers’ improvements.

ISS will confer the awards on awardees during the four-day worldwide symposium at IISR prepared from February nine-twelve.