The information produced by at the time-in-a hundred-year crises tends to drown out other situations that acquire position. So it was with 2020, a year stuffed with stories about the COVID-19 pandemic and its harm to the macroeconomy and organizations. But protected a lot of other company finance happenings these previous twelve months, some pandemic-associated, some not. Take our quiz on these stories to see how several you may have presently neglected.

1. Which was the to start with very well-regarded retail chain to declare bankruptcy in 2020?
A. The Gap
B. Papyrus
C. Friendly’s
D. Pier 1

two. Late in 2019, two veteran tech giants obtained into a skirmish when the lesser 1 made available to purchase the much larger 1. The deal fell aside in March. Which organization was the takeover goal?
A. Cisco Techniques
D. Dell

three. In Might, the U.S. Treasury Division did a thing it hadn’t done since 1986. What was it?
A. Boosted the sale of Treasury securities to an all-time large
B. Suspended issuance of three-year notes
C. Conducted an audit of its IT spending
D. Issued twenty-year bonds

four. Two Illinois people sued Microsoft, Google, and Amazon in July for violating a biometric privacy regulation. What know-how did the case contain?
A. Normal language processing
B. DNA identification
C. Digital fingerprinting
D. Facial recognition units

five. Which organization did NOT announce an acquisition or merger in 2020?
A. Morgan Stanley
B. Palantir Systems
C. Zoom Online video Communications
D. seven-Eleven

six. Which massive-identify CFO did NOT announce they were leaving their situation in 2020?
A. Amy Hood (Microsoft)
B. Paula Selling price (Macy’s)
C. Kelly Kramer (Cisco Techniques)
D. Alan Graf (Fedex)

seven. As of late November, which company’s stock was in unfavorable-return territory for 2020?
A. Microsoft (MSFT)
B. Facebook (FB)
C. Deere & Co. (DE)
D. JPMorgan Chase (JPM)

eight. At the starting of 2020, before the pandemic hit, 1 carefully-watched U.S. financial indicator hit a 10-year small. Which indicator was it?
A. The Institute for Provide Management’s production index
B. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ work cost index
C. The U.S. Census Bureau’s month to month housing commences
D. The BLS’ producer selling price index

Responses: 1-B two-C three-D four-D five-B six-A seven-D eight-A

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