June 18, 2024

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Dell Technologies: The Worker’s Experience report

To compete in the digital era, organisations call for a skilled and highly effective workforce, empowered by the suitable know-how.
Technological know-how decision-makers have to match highly useful know-how to the desires of just about every employee, enabling each individual particular person to have an expertise that is effective and satisfying, whilst taking organisational competitiveness to the upcoming degree.

To lose mild on today’s digital-era workforce and its desires, Dell commissioned a analyze that is the matter of this report. The survey probes the necessities of users, designs of get the job done, and the desires and frustrations of workers in their quest to maximise their capability to contribute to their organisations.

Download this analyze to come across out how to establish worker’s know-how desires and supply them with a finish know-how ecosystem to maximise their motivation and engagement at place of work.

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