The travel restrictions and lockdown in 2020 served to prove that we can enjoy holidays at home. Luckily, home vacations are just as amazing as abroad travels are. The UK offers multiple reasons to enjoy your holiday in the country. The country never disappoints when it comes to world-class attractions, amazing landscapes, and incredible history. With no clear indication of total resumption of international travel, it is time to explore home travel adventures. There are various places to visit in the UK from stunning treehouses, campsites, cottages, excursions and cabins. With such a wide variety to choose from, it can be hard selecting which destinations to visit and which not to. However, with review sites such as the UK collected reviews, you need not worry. You need to look at the reviews and select the destination that has received more positive reviews. After choosing the destination, you can then find reliable travel companies and get to enjoy your vacation. In this article, you’ll find some of the best travel destinations in the UK.

  1. The Scottish Highlands

Remote, scenic, and considered a British treasure, a Scottish highland visit will give a wild travel experience. You will explore beaches, loch and even take mountain hikes. The highland is home to the famous Loch Ness, the Cairngorms, the Eilean Donan Castle, and the fantastic Jacobite steam train, otherwise known as the Hogwarts express.

  1. The Roman-Era Bath
    The Bath is one of the UK’s smallest cities. It has quite a variety to offer and many activities that can be accomplished in it. The city was named after its renowned Roman baths, and for more than 2000 years it has been attracting visitors to its healing waters. The water flows from three hot spring and contains about 43 different minerals, thus explaining the healing properties. The water spills out at a steady 46.5 degrees Celsius and travels up about 3000 metres. It isn’t possible to bath in the Roman baths. However, there are several adjacent spas such as the Thermae Bath Spa where guest can enjoy the famous water. Besides the ancient history, the Bath is also known for having attractive Georgian architecture.
  2. Isle of Wight
    The Isle of Wight was the preferred UK holiday destination for Queen Victoria. It offers a warm climate and would be an ideal travel destination for those wishing to visit an Island that they’ll enjoy some sunlight in. It is also home to Queen Victoria Italian-style summer home Osborne house, which offers beautiful fountains on a beautiful garden. The garden also has some gorgeous bloom and some historic creeping plants. The Isles have unique landscapes that go beyond golden sands and chalk cliffs. One gets to witness over 150 selection of waterfall, and wild plants from the isles breathtaking gorge referred to as the Shanklin chine. There’s also the Ventnor Botanic grade showcasing the Isle of Wight’s south coast where visitors will discover exotic and rare plants.
  3. Medieval Salisbury and Ancient Stonehenge
    The Stonehenge is one of the oldest heritage sites globally, and for more than 4,500 years, it has been a place of pilgrimage. The Stonehenge is believed to have been established as a worship place, but today crowds visiting it mainly comprise tourists who enjoy the utter scale if its beautiful monuments. It’s extensive and covers over 20 square kilometres. It hosts a state of the art visitor centre, providing a fascinating glimpse to the Stonehenge’s construction and its history since the time. You can enjoy a vacation at home by hunting your ticket and having to visit this great tourist attraction. A visit to Stonehenge will also warrant that you spend some time discovering Salisbury’s adjacent medieval city, which is 16 kilometres south of Stonehenge. At Salisbury, visitors get a chance of visiting one of UK’s most renowned cathedral and home to the novel Magna Carta. It dates back to 1220. The old city also has multiple medieval architecture and churches that you’ll see as you wander through it.
  4. Suffolk
    Located on the UK’s Eastern Coast, Suffolk may not be a big tourist attraction and offers tourists quite a lot. From classic coastal resorts, bird watching, historic gardens, dramatic coastline, acres of farmland and archetypal English villages. This tourist attraction has quite a lot to offer. At Suffolk, there’s also an annual latitude music festival and the Newmarket racecourse that tourists can enjoy.

In conclusion, while the coronavirus has imposed global travel restriction, making it hard if not impossible, to go on vacation abroad. The truth is that home travel is even more rewarding, and with the above destination, you can still have an enjoyable holiday while in the UK.