February 1, 2023

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At-the-Market Offerings: A Good Option When Volatility Is High

Pursuing yrs of typically minimal marketplace volatility, public firms are now navigating an uncertain and unparalleled marketplace environment as a outcome of the world wide COVID-19 pandemic. In this new environment, numerous public firms are focused on diversifying their money increasing alternatives. Providers that may perhaps have to have to elevate money as a outcome of abrupt liquidity and money useful resource constraints really should look at the alternative of environment up an at-the-marketplace (ATM) offering system.  Regardless of whether a public company is trying to get to elevate more money, repay financial debt, fund the purchase price tag for a compact acquisition, or aid a liquidity prospect for an current stockholder, an ATM offering can be an efficient technique.

An ATM system lets a public company to elevate modest amounts of money in excess of time by offering securities into the currently current investing marketplace. The company sells recently issued shares periodically, in excess of time, on an as-necessary foundation primarily based on the recent investing price tag of the securities.

Brian Hirshberg, Mayer Brown

In demanding markets, public firms may perhaps depend on personal investment in public fairness (PIPE) transactions and registered immediate choices nonetheless, typically in these transactions, the securities are sold at a sizeable lower price. By distinction, an ATM offering system may perhaps provide a company with a a lot more beautiful and much less dilutive money-increasing alternative. The availability of an ATM system also lets a company to get advantage of a temporarily higher stock price tag or an impending milestone function to elevate money. It also may perhaps be employed in conjunction with other funding alternatives.

ATM plans have come to be increasingly common in recent yrs. They make it possible for firms to maintain discretion in excess of the terms of every sale, which includes the timing and price tag. ATM plans typically also have lower commissions and linked expenses than underwritten choices with much less administration involvement in the sale course of action (for instance, there are no highway displays).


In a risky marketplace, the timing and availability of an ATM system are essential. To increase availability and performance, ATM plans really should be structured to permit profits in the course of the interval of time between the company’s earnings announcement and the submitting of the corresponding yearly or quarterly periodic report with the Securities and Exchange Commission — as prolonged as the periodic report is not expected to have any materials variations from the information conveyed in the earnings announcement.

To avoid a ready interval and to make sure the company’s ATM agent that the vital disclosure is provided in the ATM prospectus and the requisite diligence obligations have been fulfilled, the earnings announcement really should be submitted (in its place of furnished) on a recent report on kind 8-K and thereby included by reference into the ATM prospectus and reviewed by the company’s independent auditor. To simplify the bring-down diligence course of action, firms really should satisfy ongoing ATM diligence obligations in conjunction with the company’s quarterly earnings announcement and linked periodic report submitting. As a outcome of the coordinated timing, the ATM agent and its counsel will currently have obtain to the company’s most recent company and fiscal information in its public filings and can in its place aim time and awareness on just confirming the receipt of the company’s diligence deliverables.

Ahead Product sales

Several ATM plans have been a short while ago structured to incorporate a ahead-sale alternative. A ahead sale lets a company to market its securities via the ATM system at the recent investing price tag without the need of truly issuing any securities to satisfy the sale right until a foreseeable future date. This new framework is most efficient for firms with a recent investing price tag that signifies an beautiful charge of money from the company’s point of view. At its discretion, the company is permitted to enter into an arrangement with a ahead purchaser who would purchase a fixed number of the company’s securities at a fixed price tag at any time in the course of the time period of the ahead deal (normally six months to one particular 12 months from the date of the arrangement).

Chirag Naidu, Mayer Brown

In its place of marketing recently issued company securities, the ATM agent borrows currently excellent securities and sells them shorter into the marketplace. This alternative has obtained level of popularity in recent yrs (especially among the true estate investment trusts) as it guarantees the company a confirmed charge of money without the need of the have to have to instantly issue new securities.

The ahead-sale alternative is normally structured to provide the company with the alternative to elect a cash or share settlement for all or section of the transaction. If the company elects to cash settle and the marketplace price tag at settlement is higher than the ahead price tag, the company would pay back the relevant cash total (the change between the marketplace and ahead price tag) to the ahead purchaser. The ahead purchaser would pay back the same cash total to the company in the function the marketplace price tag at settlement is lower than the ahead price tag. If the company elects to share settle, shares with a recent value equal to the cash total (calculated in the same manner) would be shipped in lieu of cash.

Desired ATMs

Ever more, public firms with excellent shown courses of chosen stock have implemented an ATM system for this course of securities. Most firms with chosen stock ATM plans currently have an ATM system proven and taken care of for their common stock, thereby leveraging the ongoing diligence and servicing costs throughout quite a few ATM plans.

Similar to a common stock ATM system, the company may perhaps market chosen securities via the ATM system at varying selling prices primarily based on the prevailing marketplace price tag of the chosen securities. Nevertheless, for a chosen ATM system, the original terms (dividend price, conversion options, and redemption terms) that ended up fixed as section of the unique issuance of chosen stock are not able to transform with a subsequent issuance under an ATM system. Importantly, the securities under the subsequent issuance should stay fungible with individuals that ended up section of the unique issuance. Nonetheless, the dimensions of the chosen stock ATM system is not constrained by the dimensions of the unique issuance of chosen securities. The dimensions of the chosen stock ATM system can be substantially greater than the excellent shares of chosen stock at the time the system is proven.

A company that is in a position to qualify as a properly-acknowledged seasoned issuer (WKSI) may perhaps get advantage of a a lot more flexible ATM offering registration course of action.

A public company is qualified to apply an ATM system if it has a public float of at the very least $75 million or satisfies particular other qualifying thresholds. Nevertheless, a company that is in a position to additional qualify as a properly-acknowledged seasoned issuer (WKSI) may perhaps get advantage of a a lot more flexible ATM offering registration course of action.

The WKSI shelf registration assertion is quickly considered efficient on submitting without the need of ready for an SEC critique and comment interval to be completed.  Furthermore, WKSIs are not needed to specify an combination dollar total for their shelf registration statements. As a outcome, WKSIs are in a situation to instantly obtain the marketplace via a recently proven ATM system. Conversely, non-WKSIs will have to have to navigate the SEC critique and comment course of action and also make sure that the securities to be provided and sold under the ATM system do not exceed the combination value of securities remaining under the efficient registration assertion.


Providers trying to get to build a new ATM system really should choose investment banks with proven experience in functioning ATM plans and discuss administration expectations and goals for the ATM offering.

In particular, the company really should discuss any preferred quantity restrictions, the inclusion of block trades, and any timing demands relating to the execution or suspension of the ATM system.

Providers really should look at engaging various ATM brokers for a solitary ATM system (all engaged brokers would signal one particular ATM arrangement). Partaking various ATM brokers lets a company to have quite a few alternatives when thinking about brokerage platforms to use in the course of the time period of the ATM system. Notwithstanding having obtain to various platforms, the company are not able to market its securities under the ATM system with a lot more than one particular ATM agent at the same time.

Providers are advised to suspend any ongoing repurchase plans or dividend reinvestment programs prior to accessing an ATM system. Alternatively, firms may perhaps expressly restrict the availability of the ATM system to intervals that do not overlap with the repurchase plans or dividend reinvestment programs.

ATM plans are normally operated on an company foundation in which the ATM agent is engaged by the company to market a modest number of securities from time to time on a finest efforts foundation. Nevertheless, most recent ATM plans are now proven to involve a block trade alternative. ATM choices are typically also efficiently employed on behalf of marketing stockholders. Similar to a company ATM offering, a marketing stockholder ATM offering lets the stockholder to market securities into the marketplace if an beautiful prospect occurs. These types of ATM plans make it possible for marketing stockholders to exceed the Rule 144 quantity restrictions that are relevant for affiliate marketers of the company.

If the marketing stockholder in the ATM offering is an affiliate of the company, the functions really should look at developing a investing plan (in accordance with Rule 10b5-one) to kind an affirmative defense in opposition to insider investing. Any human being or entity executing pre-planned transactions pursuant to a Rule 10b5-one plan that was proven in great faith at a time when that human being or entity was not aware of materials nonpublic information has an affirmative defense in opposition to accusations of insider investing, even if actual trades made pursuant to the plan are executed at a time when the personal or entity may perhaps be aware of materials nonpublic information.

Brian Hirshberg is counsel in Mayer Brown’s New York office environment and a member of the Cash Marketplaces observe. Chirag Naidu is an affiliate in Mayer Brown’s New York office environment and a member of the Cash Marketplaces observe.

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