June 18, 2024

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AP farmers on track to cover 92.5 lakh acres of kharif sowing

Backed by bountiful rainfall this kharif time, farmers in Andhra Pradesh have sown crops in eighty four lakh acres, as against the time ordinary place of ninety two.five lakh acres. For the kharif, the Point out targets to cover an place of a single crore acres.

The Point out recorded 648.6 mm of rainfall till now, which is 26.4 for every cent extra than the ordinary rainfall. All but a single (Srikakulam district) gained excessive rainfall.

The farmers sowed paddy in 36 lakh acres as against 34 lakh acres on the very same day last year. The Point out targets to improve paddy in 37 lakh acres.

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The farmers sowed redgram in five.33 lakh acres so much as against five.60 lakh acres very same day last year. In the kharif, the Point out addresses an place of 6.five lakh acres. Officers of the Agriculture Department said that the ordinary place would be protected as sowing is still in progress in some regions.

The Point out, a single of the leading groundnut gamers in the place, sowed the crop in 18 lakh acres, exceeding the ordinary place of 17 lakh acres. Farmers protected an place of fourteen.23 lakh acres as against the ordinary place of fifteen lakh acres. With sowing still on, the officials are hopeful of crossing the time ordinary place.