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EU-funded scientists have used quantum physics to build an optical microscope that opens up the potential to view the tiniest of objects – such as many viruses – directly for the initial time.

How one hospital is using remote technology to foster relationships with COVID-19 patients

A person of the saddest aspects of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has been the separation of healthcare facility individuals from their beloved kinds. In an energy to avoid the spread of the disease, hospitals across the place are banning visitors, forcing individuals to bear procedure without the guidance of relatives and buddies.

For these individuals, the want for human connection has in no way been far more pressing or urgent. UChicago Medicine recognized this, and commenced employing a digital rounding software that is assisting individuals produce personalized relationships with their caregivers — alleviating their inner thoughts of isolation as they are taken care of underneath quarantine and barred from getting visitors.

The principle is easy: Digital rounding utilizes cell online video streaming technologies to join individuals and caregivers. Each individual has entry to tablets, which enable them to join digitally hen they can not join physically.

Indirectly, this is also

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