Wanted: more women in science and technology – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

Across the EU, women account for just 13 % of the information science technology and digital workforce. In a bid to improve the gender balance, EU project EQUAL-IST has developed tools to boost female inclusion in university research careers across the sector.

Technology can lead to more efficient and sustainable farm practices

Engineering can participate in a massive function in building Indian agriculture extra sustainable, productive and worthwhile. The 1st wave of agricultural systems that ushered in the Green Revolution has been instrumental in building India foods secure. India these days is just one of the top rated producers of foodgrain in the earth.

Continue to, Indian agriculture suffers from many basic flaws. Efficiency of many crops developed in the nation is incredibly minimal in comparison with other countries. Similarly, even nevertheless only 60 per cent of arable land is irrigated, the dependence on groundwater for agriculture is among the maximum in the earth. It is stated India’s h2o use for agricultural functions is extra than that of China and the US place with each other. The mechanised farming that can assist improve efficiency is mostly unsuitable for Indian farms in the latest kind as their dimensions are as well

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