Highmark launches technology-enabled opioid treatment program in West Virginia

Highmark West Virginia is providing its customers access to a technological know-how-enabled opioid use dysfunction application created to extend  therapy to rural and underserved regions and address the lack of out there medication–assisted therapy treatment.

The goal of treatment-assisted therapy treatment is to let people today to stop abusing opioids devoid of experiencing strong drug cravings or extreme withdrawal.

The treatment has also been shown to minimize overall health costs. When opioid-dependent patients are on treatment-assisted treatment plans, overall health-associated costs minimize by $20,000 on a yearly basis, according to Vivid Coronary heart overall health, which is performing in partnership with Highmark.

With the member’s authorization, Vivid Coronary heart Wellbeing keeps the member’s treatment crew up to date on their development and shares general performance metrics.

HOW THE Application Functions

Associates have access to Vivid Coronary heart Wellbeing products and services through self-referral or as a result of a heat

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Oscar Health offers $3 a month drug prescriptions

Insurance company Oscar Health is providing about 100 prescription prescription drugs for $three a month.

This covers the desired prescription drugs for an approximated ninety% of customers and includes model-title prescription drugs, Oscar mentioned.

This is a pre-deductible providing, that means customers get accessibility to the $three prescription drugs regardless of no matter whether they have achieved their deductible.

The $three record is not accessible for catastrophic options, compact group options, or Medicare.

The low cost targets prescription drugs for clients who have serious circumstances.

Member expense personal savings are expected to add up to 1000’s of pounds a calendar year.

The expense of insulin treatment for people with diabetes will be about $4,164 a lot less for every calendar year for customers who change from Levemir at a expense of $350 for every month to Novolin N at $three for every month.

Individuals needing heart disease treatment will help

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