May 21, 2024

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National Fishworkers Forum warns Samundhar Bandh; support farmers’ strike

National Fishworkers Discussion board has threatened to go for a Samundhar Bandh, if the government did not pay heed to farmers’ need.


Signing up for the phone given by farmers to repeal the newly enacted farm laws, Narendra R.Patil, Chairperson, NFF demanded the government to withdraw the new farm laws. The Discussion board also termed upon all fishworkers unions in the coast to be part of the battle with farmers.

NFF alleged that these laws are anti-farmer in nature and spirit, and will proficiently aid the corporates in the variety of agri-small business to loot the country’s all-natural methods, even increase the corporate’s margin of earnings.

The discussion board does not see the existing battle in isolation and calls for wider alliances and further actions, if the government does not relent to the calls for of the farmers. It hoped that the government will instantly stop its repressive strategies to suppress farmer’s protests across the state, the arbitrary imposition of bogus scenarios and arrests on farmer leaders and activists.