June 18, 2024

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Intel apologises for telling suppliers to avoid products made in Xinjiang

Intel sent a letter to suppliers not too long ago saying products made in Xinjiang really should not be employed in its chips.

It and other providers are under force from various Western nations to eliminate the use of products from Xinjiang above slavery issues.

Intel’s letter said it was “needed to make certain that its provide chain does not use any labour or source merchandise or companies from the Xinjiang region” thanks to limitations imposed by “a number of governments”.

The letter sparked a backlash on Chinese social media, when the Worldwide Moments newspaper accused Intel of “biting the hand that feeds it”.

Its editorial said: “What we have to have to do is to make it progressively expensive for providers to offend China”.

Intel has due to the fact apologised for the “problems” the assertion brought on.

“We apologise for the problems brought on to our revered Chinese customers, partners and the general public. Intel is committed to starting to be a reliable technologies spouse and accelerating joint advancement with China,” the business said.