June 18, 2024

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Covid wave to shrink cotton consumption by 8 per cent


The Authorities of India’s leading cotton crop assessment physique has projected cotton use to dip by a minimal a lot more than 8 per cent owing to the most up-to-date Covid-19 wave and the subsequent lockdowns in quite a few States.

The Union Ministry of Textiles’ Committee on Cotton Output and Usage (COCPC) has minimized cotton use for period 2020-21 (Oct to September interval) from 330 lakh bales (just about every of a hundred and seventy kg) to 303 lakh bales, primarily because of to the present lockdowns as the significant next wave of Covid has gripped the overall nation.

Cotton sector divided above prospective clients of bigger acreage

In the COCPC meeting held on April 30, the estimated cotton closing stock has been elevated from the earlier projected 98.79 lakh bales to 118.79 lakh bales at the end of the period on September 30, 2021.

Exports very likely to take a strike

The COCPC, which was shaped in September 2020 changing the erstwhile Cotton Advisory Board (Cab), has also curtailed the projected cotton output for the period from the earlier estimated 371 lakh bales to 360 lakh bales.

While cotton imports are estimated to remain stable at 11 lakh bales for the calendar year, exports are very likely to take a strike from earlier projections of seventy five lakh bales to 70 lakh bales.


“Indian cotton sowing region has been elevated from 133.73 lakh hectares to 134.77 lakh hectares. The massive improve was in Punjab, where sowing was minimized from three.ninety two lakh hectares to 2.48 lakh hectares, whilst in Karnataka it elevated from 6.37 lakh hectares to 8.17 lakh hectares,” COCPC noted.

Increased global offtake to raise India’s cotton shipments

For the calendar year 2020-21, which started out from Oct 1, 2020, with estimated opening stock of 120.79 lakh bales, the full cotton provide is projected to be 491.79 lakh bales, which consists of 360 lakh bales of crop as per the most up-to-date estimates and 11 lakh bales of imports besides the opening stock.

Whole demand is projected at 373 lakh bales, including 303 lakh bales of domestic use and 70 lakh bales of cotton exports.

Notably, cotton trade physique, Cotton Association of India (CAI) has estimated India’s cotton output for the calendar year at the very same amount as of COCPC i.e. 360 lakh bales. However, it has projected full use of 330 lakh bales in the course of the calendar year, leaving the closing stock of 106 lakh bales.