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Atos co-founds GAIA-X to build a secure and transparent European data and cloud framework

Paris, 4 June 2020

Atos, a world-wide chief in electronic transformation, is happy to announce its part as a founding member of the GAIA-X Foundation, a non-revenue firm that is currently being set up to build the upcoming technology of information platforms for Europe, its member states, providers and citizens.

The GAIA-X Foundation, fashioned by 22 companies (electronic leaders, industrials, academia and associations) which include Atos, underlines a joint commitment to a transparent European process, openness and wide participation. It will establish on the existing work initiated by the French and German governments and supported by additional than three hundred corporations. The GAIA-X venture enters a new phase of its development and sets an essential milestone toward the European Union’s ambition to consolidate its leadership in the world-wide information financial state.

The creation of electronic ecosystems necessitates creating belief and interoperability across all cloud users and suppliers. GAIA-X will handle this obstacle via a popular set of guidelines, an “Architecture of Standards” and a set of “Federation Services” which bring collectively existing Cloud suppliers and their expert services and in which information and applications can be managed in a way that ensures comprehensive manage. It will allow companies from all dimensions and across all sectors to reward from hyperscaler choices in Europe while respecting a set of important guidelines.

Associated in the development of Cloud due to the fact its inception, Atos provides its established know-how of and knowledge in Cloud Computing, supported by its thorough portfolio and strategic partnerships with leading Cloud support suppliers and deep comprehending of customer needs.

Elie Girard, CEO of Atos, clarifies: “Europe’s electronic leadership in the information financial state necessitates versatile and protected Cloud capabilities. By facilitating infrastructure, software and information portability, GAIA-X will allow European corporations and general public administrations to share their decentralized information in a trustworthy and protected way, boosting Cloud adoption and the creation of value-included ecosystems. This will reinforce Europe’s competitiveness simply because the method is unparalleled, driven by industrials, collaborative with hyperscalers, and aims at defining a acceptable set of guidelines and specifications consistent with European values and aspirations”.