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Why Email Marketing Is (Still) Important In 2022

Why Email Marketing Is (Still) Important In 2022

Marketing Podcast with Laura Goldberg

Laura Goldberg, a guest on the Duct Tape Marketing PodcastIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Laura Goldberg. Laura is the Chief Marketing Officer at Constant Contact. Before Constant Contact, she served as a Chief Revenue Officer for Cabbage, a leading cash flow management and data platform for small businesses acquired by American Express. Prior to that, she was the Chief Marketing Officer at Legal Zoom. Laura has held leadership roles in product and operations with leading e-commerce companies, such as the NFL and Napster.

Key Takeaway:

Email marketing is still as relevant as ever. But as marketing evolves, your approach to it needs to, too. In this episode, I talk with the CMO of Constant Contact, Laura Goldberg, about the state of email marketing, what effect channels like SMS are having, and how to utilize email effectively today to build trust across the generations who use it.

Why Email Marketing Is (Still) Important In 2022Why Email Marketing Is (Still) Important In 2022

Questions I ask Laura Goldberg:

  • [1:36] How has the role of the CMO evolved?
  • [3:41] What would you say to a room full of peers that the missed opportunities in marketing are – especially in the Chief Marketing Officer role?
  • [5:08] What is the state of email marketing in the overall mix today?
  • [7:36] How is SMS as a preferred behavior channel now impacting your thinking as an email channel?
  • [9:10] How is AI going to impact what you’re doing at Constant Contact?
  • [10:48] Is having more of a learning technology built into email currently on the Constant Contact roadmap?
  • [13:51] What are some of the effective ways that you’ve seen people merging digital and non-digital?
  • [16:30] How do use email to actually build trust?
  • [18:19] Have you noticed a generational difference in terms of what people want from email?
  • [20:08] What should we be doing as email marketers for the holidays?
  • [21:33] Is there somewhere you’d like to invite people to connect with you?

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