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How do you build a typical potential from a legacy of conflict? Resolve goes a very long way, as the heritage of the EU reveals – but building bridges is not straightforward. EU-funded researchers are analysing collective memories of previous strife that nevertheless affects group relations today, in a bid to aid advance European integration.


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The EU-funded REPAST job is checking out how societies deal with the very long shadow of previous conflicts, in a bid to generate insights and offer advice for policymakers and civil culture. Case scientific studies are becoming done in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Kosovo, Ireland, Poland and Spain.

‘We want to recognize what features of different tricky legacies are living on in a problematic manner today and develop hurdles to the integration and relations of the different populations in Europe,’ states job coordinator Dimitra Milioni of the Cyprus College of Technological know-how. ‘To do so, we are investigating how conflict discourses are becoming formulated and disseminated in the public sphere.’

As of March 2020, the project’s huge info-collection exercise has been done, and the researchers have begun to approach the substantial product they have gathered. The leads to and attributes of individual conflicts may perhaps vary, but the researchers nevertheless assume to obtain commonalities in the managing of agonizing and possibly contested collective memories, Milioni points out.

Illuminating heritage

‘Our aim is to arrive at some type of typology of troubled previous discourses today,’ she states. ‘We’re analysing how people today in different cultures and nations arrived to bear in mind the resources of these conflicts and how they negotiate and with any luck , renegotiate the original triggers. And we also want to see how all this is linked to Europe today, and European integration.’

Northern Ireland, for occasion, is one particular territory the place the previous is under no circumstances far away.

‘There’s a frequent undercurrent of pressure, primarily about controversial difficulties,’ Milioni points out. ‘It is an example of how even a settled troubled previous can re-emerge and could possibly also be revived, primarily by political discourse, occasionally by media discourse, but also by public discourse.’ In REPAST’s other scenario examine nations, the predicament is equivalent.

The project’s info collection considered four parts of expression: politics, heritage – both of those oral and formal – and the media, as very well as art and society. It integrated activities as diversified as interviewing locals about their personal recollections of previous situations or about the memories that had been passed on to them by elders, checking out common and citizen media, scouring occasion manifestos and viewing stage performances.

‘In Cyprus, for occasion, we discovered out that different artists are doing work with political dance, which is not greatly known,’ she states. ‘We noticed how this type of artistic activity really tries to recreate the previous, and possibly also worries hegemonic representations of this previous.’

Quickly forward

The emphasis in the job, which is due to close in April 2021, will now shift from info collection to info examination, and to the generation of resources and recommendations for policymakers – both of those in the REPAST scenario examine nations and at EU level – and civil culture organisations these kinds of as non-governmental organisations invested in peacebuilding.

Other target audiences in parts with a bitter legacy involve tourist guides, for whom REPAST intends to organise seminars and develop e-learning supplies. A info system will help anybody with an desire to discover, review and contrast information gathered by the job and obtain its different other outputs, Milioni notes. The partners are also planning to formulate methodology to aid potential study in the subject.

1 instrument underneath development is an on-line activity that fosters players’ means to evaluate historic information. A number of diversifications of the activity, which is primarily supposed for schoolchildren, will be produced to match diverse ages and nationwide contexts.

‘REPAST strives to express the notion that heritage as taught in educational facilities, for example, or as offered in public discourse, is usually manufactured,’ Milioni emphasises. ‘As citizens, we require to choose a move back again, we require to establish the abilities to recognize that what is becoming projected corresponds to a specific place of see, to a specific entry place.’