July 23, 2024

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Tamil Nadu extends TPI scheme for sugarcane farmers

Tamil Nadu authorities has accredited extension of the scheme of Transactional Output Incentive (TPI) to sugarcane farmers for 2020-21 crushing time, and also sanctioned a sum of ₹39.40 crore.

A Federal government Get (GO) states that the TPI for 2020-21 crushing time will be paid out at ₹42.fifty per tonne to farmers who have supplied sugarcane to sugar mills.

Centered on the troubles confronted by officers of sugar mills and the Federal government Information Centre through the scheme’s implementation for 2017-18 crushing time, it was suggested that a 3rd-celebration marketing consultant could be picked for details assortment and details entry of the details gathered from the sugar mills.

From the details assortment to the transfer of TPI, it is believed that in 9 months, the whole technique can be done, the GO mentioned.