Ransomware Criminals vs Law Enforcement: Are Attackers Untouchable?

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“The last thing the board want is this pesky little IT trouble they’ve listened to about bothering them and knocking them off track”

The stories dribble in weekly, sometimes far more routinely tales of still another company crippled by ransomware: the servers and desktops of a regulation agency, a shipping and delivery company, a metal mill or a forensic test centre rendered unusable, mainly because malware has uncovered its way into their community and spawned – shutting down systems with a simple message: your funds or your network’s daily life.

It is not so much a kidnapping as a twenty-first century highway robbery, and bandits scan the virtual highways of the world-wide-web like hardly ever right before, shaking down organisations for ransoms payable in flavours of cryptocurrency that business enterprise leaders have sometimes hardly ever listened to of, but which value them actual funds: in forced downtime,

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