MIT Creates Curved Breadboards that Speed Up Electronic Development

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“This is for when you have an idea of the final object”

MIT researchers have created a software design kit that can be used to speed up the development of prototype electronics. The software creates curved breadboards that have pinholes and connections automatically mapped out.

Traditional breadboards are rectangular circuitry construction templates that are used to build prototype electronics. However, with the advent of wearable smart technology that is curved or oddly shaped, rectangular breadboards are often not fit for purpose as they don’t probably map how pinholes and connections would lie on shaped objects.

The curved breadboards are created with software that automatically designs objects that have distributed pinholes which can then be filled with conductive silicone in order to test electronics.

Junyi Zhu, a graduate student in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory commented that: “On breadboards, you prototype the function of a circuit.

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