American Medical Association pledges action against racism, police brutality

Through a virtual exclusive conference of the American Professional medical Affiliation Home of Delegates on Sunday, the AMA Board of Trustees pledged action to confront systemic racism and police brutality in reaction to the furor that has erupted around the demise of George Floyd at the arms of a Minneapolis police officer.

Floyd’s demise has sparked a wave of indignant protests throughout the country and the entire world and has prompted the Minneapolis City Council to pledge to dismantle its police department, with nine of the 13 councilors stating the city would go after a “new product of public security.”

Now, with the assertion the AMA and some others in the sector, the contact for racial equality has extended to healthcare.

What is actually THE Impression

The organization said it acknowledges that racism in its systemic, structural, institutional, and interpersonal forms “is an urgent threat to public well being, the

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