False-negative COVID-19 tests highlight need for testing accuracy

As communities across the U.S. have struggled to cope with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of have focused on the absence of prevalent tests as a key barrier to safely and securely reopening the country. As development has been created on this entrance, the issue has shifted to tests precision, predominantly with antibody checks, which are intended to discover prior infection.

But in accordance to a new Dartmouth-led paper printed in the New England Journal of Medicine, extra emphasis should be placed on addressing the inaccuracy of diagnostic checks, which engage in a critical function in made up of the pandemic.

What is actually THE Impression

Diagnostic checks, which normally entail a nasopharyngeal swab, can be inaccurate in a couple of approaches, in accordance to lead writer Dr. Steven Woloshin, professor of drugs and group and family members drugs at Dartmouth’s Geisel University of Medicine and of

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