HEC Paris tops 2020 masters in finance ranking

When the FT’s masters in finance ranking commenced, in 2011, Donald Trump was however presenting The Apprentice and coronaviruses have been a niche curiosity amid microbiologists. Much has improved because then — but the number-1 location in the ranking has not. This yr, as in 2011, HEC Paris tops the desk.

Far more specifically, the French business enterprise university ranks first amid vendors of pre-practical experience masters in finance (MiF) courses — that is, for students with little or no relevant experienced practical experience. The tables set out details on the most effective programmes around the globe in this space, as properly as on the top 3 courses for people today who have presently worked in the finance sector. It is based on surveys of universities and of alumni who accomplished their masters in 2017.

HEC Paris has occur top each individual yr aside from 2017, when Edhec edged it

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FT business books: July edition

‘Backstage Management: The Invisible Do the job of Highly Successful Leaders’, by Charles Galunic

The late organisational theorist James March, who transpired to train Charles Galunic at Stanford, used to say that management was a delicate mix of “poetry and plumbing”.

Galunic’s book does not neglect the poetry. He writes very well about the responsibility of leaders to established persuasive visions for their groups and provide them while in the glare of the public highlight. But his emphasis is on the prosaic plumbing and electrics. The “creating, retaining and integrating” of elementary procedures these kinds of as establishing expertise, crafting lifestyle, managing contradictions — “are the essential, albeit backstage, sometimes invisible, work of small business leaders”.

This is not a book about how to deal with the distinct challenges of running out of a pandemic or by means of a recession — it was published ahead of lockdown. There is,

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