Russia’s Putin Declares Emergency Over Massive Arctic Fuel Spill

MOSCOW—Russian investigators have introduced a legal probe into a massive gasoline leak from a ability station in the Arctic right after President Vladimir Putin publicly admonished a senior formal over the incident and declared a countrywide condition of crisis.

The ability plant operator claimed accidental hurt to a diesel gasoline storage tank in the remote Siberian town of Norilsk caused 20,000 tons of gasoline to seep into the soil across a substantial area and contaminate bodies of water.

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U.S. and Iran Exchange Prisoners in Deal

WASHINGTON—Iran launched U.S. Navy veteran Michael White following nearly two a long time in custody on Thursday as element of a prisoner offer negotiated with Iran, a U.S. official and other individuals involved in the exchange reported.

Mr. White, who experienced from acute asthma and a recurrence of cancer in prison, was launched on professional medical furlough to the Swiss Embassy in March on the condition he remained in Iran. He afterwards was identified with Covid-19 and admitted to an Iranian clinic.

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