Coronavirus Fight Hinders Action Against Other Deadly Diseases

The coronavirus threat has suspended vaccination campaigns against many other diseases in the developing world, raising fears that other epidemics could surge in the poorest nations.

With developing nations now engaged in commercial shutdowns and enforced social distancing measures, health services are pausing mass vaccination drives for polio, measles and other deadly diseases. Such campaigns risk spreading the new coronavirus, the World Health Organization warns.

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African Countries Complain of Racism in Chinese City’s Pandemic Controls

Allegations that a southern Chinese city’s pandemic controls are discriminating against Africans have stirred anger in their home countries, setting off a diplomatic row that threatens to undermine goodwill Beijing has built on the continent through large infusions of investment and propaganda.

African nationals living in Guangzhou say they are being subjected to forced coronavirus testing, have been barred from hotels and restaurants and must observe arbitrary self-quarantines, regardless of symptoms or travel history, according…

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